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Plastic Free July

We started to write an update a few weeks ago but you know how it is with kids (or maybe you don't, you lucky duck)...things just kept coming up and writing a post kept getting pushed to the side. So now it is August 1st, and we thought we should do a quick recap. Here goes.

Joe: This was a tough month and it was eye-opening to say the least. It seemed like damn near everything had plastic and kept us pretty limited on what we bought or used. But I guess that's the point, right? In the end, this experiment certainly changed my outlook on how plastic plays a part in our lives and we'll continue to be mindful of what we buy and how we use things from a sustainability perspective. I wrote more about my thoughts on this month in another post. Hope you had good luck with #plasticfreejuly. Here's to a #plasticfreeaugust as well. Cheers.

Elizabeth: I really enjoyed Plastic Free July and I am so glad we decided to participate. With a family as big as ours is, we've always tried to keep our carbon footprint on the small side. This experiment showed us just how much more we can do. I can say with certainty that this last month has changed how I look at everything. But once you get into the habit, it's really easy to avoid most of the plastic in your life...I highly recommend that everyone give Plastic Free July (or whatever month you are reading this in) a try!

Joe Jr: It sucked because we could not buy ice cream from the ice cream man. It was hard because we're not used to not buying plastic but over all I liked it 50/50.

Abby: Plastic Free July was a surprising experience for the all of us. It was hard not buying plastic all month but it was fun. For a rating out of 10, I would rate it a 9.

Note: not all of our kids are here this week. We will have them each add their 2¢ when they get back.

Overall, going plastic free seemed to go over well in our household, even if it was hard. And if we can do it with our large family in a rather large city, anyone can, right? Stay tuned for #plasticfreeAugust!

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