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It was 2015 and we were looking for a way to promote and help people become more environmentally sustainable in their everyday lives. We came up with a name and bought a web domain, and then grew from there. 


Terra42 was the name we chose. Terra, latin for Earth, and 42  - the "answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything(and no, we still don't know what the question is).


Anyways, when we combine the two words, we recognize that our world is the answer to everything. It is our means of life and there's nothing else like it in our universe. We need to do everything we can to promote and live sustainably and in harmony with the world around us. 


Ultimately, we chose to make this a blog project and show others ways to be more sustainable and eco-friendly by providing an example to follow. 


Welcome to The Terra42 Project.

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