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Plastic Free July - update #1

I think we lucked out that our first day happened not just on a weekend, but also during summer break. It was a pretty slow day, actually. I spent most of the day cutting fabric for reusable bags while Joe Sr. worked on school work. Josh is away visiting family and friends for the summer, so we just had the youngest three. Becca was at the barn with Grandma, while the other two spent most of the day playing with neighbor kids. We didn't go anywhere and didn't buy any plastic.

As mentioned before, we decided for this year to go ahead and use any plastic we already owned. Our goal is to not buy any MORE plastic. But plastic was definitely on my mind while I cut fabric with plastic handled scissors and typed on my plastic keyboard. I watched an episode of Rotten on a plastic TV and checked my social media accounts on a plastic phone. I even cooked a pizza that was wrapped in plastic (I took the plastic off first, of course). We have a lot of plastic in this house already.

The next two days I did have to work. I drove to work in my car with plastic on the dash. I wrote some notes down with a plastic pen. I checked messages with my plastic phone and I am currently typing on a plastic keyboard again. Even my headset at work is mostly plastic. It's mind blowing when you think about all of the plastic you come in contact with throughout a normal day.

I did bring my own lunch both days. It was a good thing because the selection at work is pretty...plastic.

We did go shopping on the 3rd. It was easier than I thought - and healthier. We bought a lot of fruits and veggies. Since we are having guests from out of town this weekend, we did allow a small amount of plastic on the alcohol we bought - the little ring that goes around bottles to ensure they are unopened.

I think we did okay for our first shopping trip. I am excited to see how the rest of the month turns out.

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