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Fashion is quick and dirty - Part 2

Summer is our households big purge of clothing for the year. The kids have outgrown (or ripped) a lot of their clothes and will need new clothes in just a few weeks when school starts up again. This year, we decided to do something a little different.

I took their HUGE pile of clothes and sorted through them. Anything that was still in decent condition, we gifted directly to a local family in need instead of sending to a thrift store. Yes, thrift stores can be good...but in our area they they can lose sight of the big picture and charge like-new prices for items that are obviously used. I'd rather help out the community than line the pockets of a corporation.

After that was done, we were still left with a rather large pile of clothes. We decided to re-purpose anything that was stained or ripped and turn it into something else. Our goal is to then sell these items and use the proceeds to fight fast fashion. We even started an Etsy store to help us with this! You can buy these items here:

What we have created so far:

These shorts were a little stained on the butt, so we decided to turn them into a purse.

This shirt had accidentally been hit with bleach so we decided to tie-dye it. I wrapped it up in rubber bands and added a touch more bleach to it...surprisingly, some blue showed up! I quickly rinsed it off and we think it turned out pretty cool! It has been turned into a bag.

This was another pair of shorts. The handle actually came from the pink shorts shown above. I forgot to grab a before picture - but I think you can figure it out. ;)

We even made a few bags for ourselves for grocery shopping. These two came from a very unusual robe (below) that we found at a Goodwill outlet.

I hope that this will inspire you to re-purpose what you have instead of throwing it away. We still have a rather large pile of clothes to re-purpose so come back soon to see more!

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