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Plastic bottles are a MTHFR

I've never been a big fan of plastic bottles. I think they are a huge waste. I usually would use a glass to drink out of, but sometimes on the road I admit I would grab a plastic bottle from a gas station. More often than not, I'd then continue to use it until it would get cracked. I know that's not entirely healthy, but I preferred that to just tossing it.

Recently, however, I found out I have a MTHFR genetic mutation (aka. methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) and one of the things they recommend is only drinking filtered water from a glass bottle. So, it was time for me to give up plastic for good.

Now, I carry around this one-liter sized glass bottle. It's almost too big, to be quite honest. But, I like that I only have to fill it up 2-3 times a day to get my required daily amount of water. It has a nice rubber stopper so (unless I put the lid on wrong) it doesn't leak in my bag. It's become part of my routine to fill it in the morning and take it everywhere. Because it's glass, I'm also a bit more careful with it, which keeps it on my mind and reminds me to drink from it.

These bottles are pretty easy to clean by hand and have also survived the dishwasher a few times.

32 oz Glass Water Bottle (Set of 2) Blue Lid, Reusable Drinking Bottles, BPA Free & Eco Friendly, Ideal for Camping, Tennis, Kids, Travel, Sports, Gym, Yoga or Office - Dishwasher Safe & Easy Clean

My husband prefers one that's just a little smaller. I recently bought him this one to use.

Ello Pure BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle with Lid, Grey Squares, 20 oz.

On a side note, we just broke our first glass bottle. I think here soon we will be looking for some stainless steel bottles. Stay tuned to see what options find.

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