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Josh Martin - Getting the Lead Out

Updated: May 21, 2018

I remember a guy in high school that used to make some of the best drawings I’ve ever seen. They were usually fictional creatures that were graphic, bright and colorful, and incredibly detailed. I hadn’t seen anything quite like that until today.

In a suburb of east Vancouver, Washington (Not BC) there’s a family of six (mine), with one incredibly talented High School Junior in their midst.

Today, I was lucky enough to chat with 17-year-old, Joshua Martin who considers himself a graphite artist. That’s graph-ite, not graph-ic... Which is pretty much another way of saying he uses pencils

Yeah, I had to clarify too.

Anyhow, this kid is going places. Seriously. He walked me through a few pieces of his work, and holy cow. I was blown away.

The first piece he showed me was a tree that was drawn with a sharpie and leaves colored with watercolors. It was beautiful. It looked like an illustration in a book or maybe something that you’d see in a magazine like The New Yorker.

Nice, right? This is the tamer side of what his portfolio has to offer.

You should see his other stuff. If you’ve ever been on DeviantArt, that’s his style. Abstract and beyond the reach of something my imagination could come up with. Almost like diving into some other realm of existence. Creatures twisted and mangled. The eye of a reptile of some sort. And – a cat.

Here check out the video:

See, I told you he’s good. But like many artists, he’s humble. None of his work is ever quite finished or good enough. For instance, this piece that tree picture he created. He doesn’t like it or was unhappy with the result. The response from others has been quite the opposite. I shared a few of his drawings on Facebook, and this tree got 90% of the attention. It was a hit.

When we talked about his plans for his art, he didn’t think he’d be able to find enough work selling his drawings – something I don’t 100% agree with – but said that he’d try to get into game designs and illustrations after high school or college.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more from him the future.

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