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Jeff Mitchell - Poor Man's Marble

Updated: May 21, 2018

After a series of personal and professional misfortunes, Jeff Mitchell decided he needed a reboot. Leaving D.C. in the review mirror, he went on a cross-country pilgrimage to Portland, Oregon to live the simple life and just focus on his art.

Years before things went south (or west, rather), he had found that working with papiér maché (or carta pesta as it’s called in Italy), was rewarding. It was easy to work with and sculpt. It was light weight. The materials were cheap. And the finished product was sturdy and magnificent. And because of those qualities, it’s commonly referred to as ‘poor man’s marble’.

Through his brand, Flying Block Studio, Jeff provides custom costume masks, stage props, and fine art for exhibition. He has created some of the most detailed and nightmarish art I’ve ever seen – and it’s awesome!

I’m buying some the first chance I get.

With the sculptures of ghoulish creatures and masks fit for horror films, he definitely found his niche in the art world. I don’t know anyone who could do this better.

For his latest project, he is working on bringing his coloring novelette, ‘The Portland Trolls’, to life. On the inside cover, it says the characters are a fictional plant-based creature he describes as ambulans homo vegetabili – or walking man vegetable.

His plan is to make them larger than life. Like six or seven feet tall. He’s got some pretty wild ideas about how to breathe some life into them, but I’m not going to say anything. You’ll just have to wait and see.

His website explains all of his previous work and he gives regular updates about his current projects, as well as different ways to get in touch with him.

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