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Alexus Stone - Dance Like No One's Watching

Updated: May 21, 2018

Dance Like No One’s Watching

One thing I’ve never been able to grasp well is dancing. I have rhythm -- but style… well, let’s just say that gene passed me over.

This week, my 18 – almost 19-year-old daughter Alexus came down to visit on Spring Break. Like me, she’s a creator and loves photography, making digital art, producing music, and… HIP-HOP DANCING. Well, not the dancing part -- unless you're talking about doing the robot. Then bee-boo-bee-bop-beep!

What makes Alexus a little more unusual (other than her tiny 4’10” frame), is that she’s deaf in one ear and suffers from scoliosis - an unusual curvature of the spine that causes pain and discomfort.

Even with those barriers though, you wouldn’t think that she had anything holding her back (other than gravity).

In fact, she's got some moves despite her shortcomings.

Those moves helped her get recruited and become a certified Mixxedfit instructor a year ago. If you’ve never heard of this, you aren’t alone. It’s like exercise through dancing – two things I do NOT do well at all. I think they used to call it aerobics back in the day.


Either way, she's creating her art regardless and is persevering.

Never give up on your dreams - despite yourself.

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