• Joe Stone

What in the hell is Brain Stew?

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

NO, this isn't Hannibal Lecter's dinner menu.

Have you ever felt so full of creativity, that it seemed like ideas were just swirling around inside that noggin of yours?

That's brain stew. It's Ideas. Inspiration.

Then you have to get that image out of your head and onto a canvas. Doesn't even matter what the canvas is. Could be an actual canvas, a computer screen, photo paper, or something else entirely.

My idea for this blog is to capture those ideas from start to finish. From conceptualization, to implementation, and all the way to the finished product.

Now, I should mention, these aren't my ideas. Nope. These are YOUR ideas. You are inviting me into your creative process. I in turn, will share you work and your story, and together we'll inspire others.

So what makes me the guy for this job? Well, I'm a creator too - mostly digital. I call myself a multimedia artist because well, I like variety. No, that's not right. I THRIVE on variety.

Anyways, I love seeing the things that others create, especially when it's artisan work.

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